Grand Rapids Relocation Project Management

When you need to move a workspace or manufacturing space, there are many of items to account for than merely moving the contents. That is where Corrigan Moving’s expert Project Management team takes charge. Because we have been moving offices, manufacturing spaces, and laboratories, we’re knowledgeable about all the small details besides merely moving. Our qualified Project Management team will take responsibility for every detail of your relocation – standing by your side through every step. Our team is committed to walking you through an efficient, on-time conclusion. Our knowledge allows us to reduce downtime and provide real cost savings to your business.

Whether planning for a corporate workplace relocation, building renovations, industrial or a different kind of organizational project, you will feel relief in being confident that Corrigan Moving has a community of more than 450 skilled service providers and the logistical capabilities to aid you from every step of the way. Corrigan Moving is a seasoned moving and storage company with more than 90 years of experience in logistics and office moves. With a specialized project management Grand Rapids team, we see to it that companies with a pending complicated move have access to the guidance they want. Reach out today and make sure that your project is beginning on the right foot.

Project Planning & Design

Our Project Management team will develop a thorough, customized blueprint that meets the unique needs set forth by your organization’s broader business strategy. We elaborate on each step, carefully accounting for any potential difficulties and thinking through every possible contingency.

Warranted On-Time Delivery

We guarantee on-time project completion on all our in-house services as well as the services of our certified partners. Our guarantee is based on key deliverables agreed upon by both parties. Corrigan Moving will guarantee this output in writing and outline financial compensation for any shortfalls - a true commitment to relocation excellence!

Real Time Budget Reporting

Our industry leading project management system provides regular reporting and cost projections throughout the duration of your relocation. All these details will be delivered directly to key managers of your company’s move team.

Budget Development & Management

Rest easy knowing that our knowledgeable project managers work with you and your financial department to build a relocation budget that improves your organization’s return on investment. Corrigan Moving will continually reference your relocation budget all the way through project completion and closing billing.

Furniture & Asset Decommissioning

After you’ve moved out of your workplace or industrial space, our renewal and decommissioning services are at your service to help with any lease-end obligations. We can manage space restoration, salvage, recycling, and more.

Our project management Grand Rapids team will help make your move productive and on-budget

No matter if you are managing a large workplace or mechanical relocation, you can greatly benefit from calling Corrigan Moving. Our Grand Rapids project management team has successfully worked with companies that have reached out to us for projects of many different types. We create for each client a unique blueprint of their move. Since each project will present itself with different issues, we decide to approach it from an individual viewpoint.

Our project management team in Grand Rapids will start by all the details of your project. After we assess your expectations, we will sit down and craft a tailored plan of action. Our scope of work will speak to all aspects of your future relocation and every phase will be explained. With a thorough scope of work, we are sure to limit any chance for miscommunication. Every person on the team will know their job, and they will have a specific schedule. Corrigan Moving is a business that respects your busy schedule. When we offer you a deadline of when we expect to finish a relocation, you can rest assured that we will guarantee it.

Enjoy a simple and productive project with our Grand Rapids team

Right now, the need to efficiently moving an entire warehouse or workspace might seem overwhelming. But as soon as you contact Corrigan Moving, you will be able to breathe deeply. Our project management Grand Rapids team will handle the job that's staring you in the face. From creating a blueprint, to accomplishing it to perfection, you will be able to rely on us. Our project management team is available for different events and move types, so do not hesitate to request a free quote.

Start planning your worry-free move with our library of resources

Browse through our hand-picked collection of resource materials designed to help with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include packing videos, moving checklists, and important paperwork.