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Moving is frequently thought to be one of the most difficult milestones in life. What can make it easier, though, is not worrying about the actual relocation. And that is exactly what Corrigan Moving has to offer. With over 90 years-worth of gained knowledge and the best movers Caledonia has available, we will offer you a desirable rest from the moving process. Reach out to us now and allow us to make your move simple and delightful.

90+ years of experience – at your service

Contrary to conventional wisdom, moving can be quite enjoyable. First, it can be a challenging operation. There are a lot of phases to complete, most of which can be fairly taxing. Second, time is always in deficit. This constant tension can make even the most straightforward to-do item arduous. Lastly, moving does not leave room for oversights. The littlest mistake can escalate fast and become a big issue. Still, all the hardships of moving begin with the same root: expertise. Or, to be precise, the lack of it. Thankfully, addressing this issue is extremely simple.

For Corrigan Moving, experience is something that came inherently. Our company was founded in 1929. Thus we have more than 90 years in the moving industry. During this time, our family business handled thousands of relocations. Our offerings evolved over time, and our know-how and experience did, too. We passed them down to each new generation of movers. That’s the reason today, we are the best moving companies servicing Caledonia.


What makes Corrigan Moving the best mover Caledonia has?

One point-of-contact

You will have an expert move coordinator to ensure everything happens according to plan. She will also keep you updated on the current phase of the process. This coordinator will be there for you from the very start. Once you say “yes!” to Corrigan Moving, you’ll be assigned a move coordinator. She will make sure you are ready for the first move day. She will talk you through the move process and what you should expect. You will be set with the necessary paperwork, too.

Throughout the move, if you have any problems or concerns, your move coordinator is just a call or text away. She’ll always be available to be sure everything runs seamlessly and you are notified at every phase.


Hiring and training the best

Every person of our team is a trained professional. They're completely committed to creating a smooth moving experience. Corrigan Moving focuses on hiring talented and caring employees, so every interaction is a positive one. Then we background check every person who worked at your home or business to make sure they are honest.

Once hired, we don’t approve of permitting new crew members learn on-the-job. We built a comprehensive training suite so they participate in hands-on training well before entering your home or business.


Flexible Services

Our solutions are adaptable. We alter them to fit your requirements so you can have a tailor-made moving plan that covers all the bases. We recognize that all moves are different and it’s unreasonable to use a general plan. That is why all of our move plans – home moves and business moves – are tailored to your specific needs.

As a member of the United cooperative, Corrigan Moving is part of a network of top-tier moving companies countrywide. We can help you relocate anywhere in the nation or across the globe. We manage each move the same - with reliability and diligence:


Moving services in Caledonia

The knowledge that we gain from years of repetition is an invaluable asset in any industry. But in moving – it is essential. Experience on it’s own can resolve the most common moving challenges. Additionally, it can prevent issues before they become an issue. Skills cultivated through thousands of moves can speed up the entire process. They can make it more secure and more productive. Finally, having a veteran crew of Caledonia movers means you have someone to depend upon. It means you will have guidance and assistance, all the way.


Residential moving services:

Residential relocations are one of our specialties. Our home movers in Caledonia can help you move to a nearby neighborhood, or to anyplace globally. You can take advantage of our full-service move or hire our assistance with some heavy lifting. Anyway, you can count on a seamless move that exceeds your requirements.


Commercial mover in Caledonia:

As the go-to mover for many local businesses and universities, Corrigan Moving has experience with commercial moving. We realize that the productivity and safety of your move is the highest priority. Our objective is to always reduce stoppage for our customers, so your team can get back to work as immediately as possible.


Moving can be a delightful event with the best team by your side

With Corrigan Moving, your move will be seamless and enjoyable. It can be simple and easy. A refreshing event you can enjoy every second of - just as it should be. Reach out to us now and ensure you have the best movers Caledonia can provide. Select consistency, convenience, and a record of experience. Because you deserve a perfect relocation.

No matter where you are now, or where you are moving, Corrigan Moving’s Great Lakes locations can move you wherever you want to move in the world.

Begin researching your worry-free move with our resource library
Look through our hand-picked collection of resource materials put together to help with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include how to pack videos, moving checklists, and important paperwork.