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When planning a local relocation, the best option is turning to a moving company that is well-known in the area. Providing that you are relocating within Grand Haven, you will benefit by hiring the best movers Grand Haven, MI has – it is as simple as simple can be. Corrigan Moving is a moving company that was founded in 1929 and is committed to always doing the right thing. Our founder, Frank The Chief Corrigan, believed in the principle of always doing the right thing, and he created a company that upholds that ideal.

Today, Corrigan Moving is the largest moving company in the Midwest, with resources to provide any imaginable moving service our customers have a need for. Get in touch with us today to understand why your Grand Haven family and neighbors have trusted Corrigan for so long.

What makes us the best moving company Grand Haven MI?

The prime benefit a moving company has its employee team. These men and women must have all the skill sets, expertise, knowledge, and understanding to create an comfortable moving process. At Corrigan Moving, not only do we handpick the top people for the job, but we train our team better than anyone else in area! Moving locally with Corrigan, you’ll never see any "day workers", nor do we outsource your moves. Looking at our customer reviews, you will notice that our customers are thoroughly satisfied with our moving teams. We’re particularly proud of this fact, and it drives us to keep doing the right thing!

It is our belief that movers should not be taught their skills at our customers residence. That is why we’ve developed our very own training facility. In our Michigan headquarters, we’ve designed an apartment dedicated to training. There, our employees work hard to polish their skills before anything else. We know that having qualified movers is key. It’s the right thing to do. We are all about doing the right thing.

Not to mention, we also ensure that our teams are understanding. Our people care about our customer’s belongings and work to provide a smooth relocation process, every step of the way. Our employees take the time to attentively wrap and protect your items, making sure your belongings are ready to be safely transported. Our goal is to make your moving experience easier, after all. And we will do whatever it takes to see to it.


Grand Haven MI moving services

Corrigan Moving has the resources to perform any relocation, regardless of its size, type, or complexity. We divide our services between residential moving services and business solutions, in an attempt to provide each client’s exact moving needs. We may also aid corporations with employee relocation. If you are relocating locally or internationally (or anything in between), you can count on our movers in Grand Haven MI.

Home moving

If you’re looking for home moving options, you can pick from:

 Corrigan Moving offers complete commercial moving services for industrial businesses, nonprofit organizations, in addition to office entities such as educational institutions, healthcare providers and government organizations.

Whether it’s transporting heavy machinery or relocating delicate laboratory equipment, Corrigan Moving can do it all! We have extensive experience in moving all types of commercial equipment, meaning that we provide a quick, reliable, safe, and efficient commercial relocation.

Our office and industrial solutions include:

Logistics services

We also operate a highly specialized division in the logistics field. Corrigan Logistics is an award-winning logistics company that provides a large range of asset management tools, storage solutions, and specially designed transport services. We specialize in transporting high-value products, exhibits & trade show displays, along with special commodities. Our established distribution network, alongside our full-service relocation team, can assist you strengthen your processes and streamline operations.


The best movers Grand Haven MI has to offer

Work with a company that has a good reputation. Most movers in Grand Haven MI will have a decent reputation, although just one stands out. Corrigan Moving is the outlier, as we not only have a good reputation but a stellar one. Our commitment of always doing the right thing is one thing that our customers can count on.

Furthermore, we are familiar with the community like our own backyard. With 90 years of service, we have performed numerous Grand Haven MI relocations, which includes local and long-distance. Our team always finds the closest parking spot, the best routes, and how to make this your best relocation yet.

Corrigan Moving strives to be an essential part of moving our community forward. Regardless if our work is for charity, relocating customers and their belongings, or creating optimized business solutions, we are there to do the right thing, each and every time.


Schedule your relocation today!

Providing you’re looking to work with the best movers in Grand Haven MI, look no further than Corrigan Moving. Aside from providing you with an accurate moving estimate, our team will work with you to create and design a personalized moving plan. Your neighbors have counted on us for 90 years, now it’s your turn! Contact us today to get started!

No matter where you are now, or where you are moving, Corrigan Moving’s Great Lakes locations can move you wherever you want to move in the world.

Begin researching your worry-free move with our resource library
Look through our hand-picked collection of resource materials put together to help with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include how to pack videos, moving checklists, and important paperwork.