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Global Relocation Services

When you are confronted with an imminent international relocation, you require a partner who you must believe in to walk you amidst the complexities and bring you with a predominantly trouble-free move. Corrigan Moving makes easier the international moving process by providing the best quality international relocation services. These services include numerous paths to send your belongings globally. But our services don’t conclude there. We will also provide you with the most extensive support over the course. You will be partnered with a Global Move Coordinator who will be in company every step of the way. This staff will guarantee your shipment is completely prepared to pass the inspections and all your transfer paperwork is admissible.

Corrigan Moving is the best international relocation company in Grand Rapids for these reasons:

Corrigan Moving distinguishes from other international forwarding agents in many major forms. First, whilst countless companies solely push legal contracts, Corrigan has an entire international moving force. With a location in Grand Rapids and across the Great Lakes Region in the United States, we bring the labor for your relocation in addition to the back-office administration. This allows us to have more control over your relocation arrangement because our distinctive staff are giving origin or destination services. We can also keep on-top of shifting tendencies and updates for international moving transportation because we are on the ground daily.

An extra motive why Corrigan Moving is special compared to other global relocation solution agencies is because we are FIDI authorized. All FIDI affiliated companies must abide by the FAIM Quality Standards. These are the primary and most rigorous benchmarks. In order to be FIDI certified, an independent auditing organization examines our services regularly to guarantee we know their benchmarks. Just about 5% of all international moving corporations are FIDI authorized. We are proud to have FIDI certified locations in Detroit, Buffalo, Cleveland, and Chicago.

Freight Services

Less Than Container Load Shipments

When your global cargo doesn’t require a full freight container, we utilize less than container load (LCL) deliveries. For these freights, your objects will be covered and assured the same way, but instead of loading directly inside an overseas box, your objects will be put into a huge wooden box called a lift van. These lift vans are sealed and water-resistant. They are then transported through forklift inside the overseas container along with lift vans including other items.

Entire Box Load Deliveries

When you are relocate a big shipment, or complete domicile, we will utilize a full container for your things uniquely. Depending on the dimensions of your load, we will use either a 20-foot, 40-foot, or 40-foot high-cube box. Before we shipping your freight into the container, we evaluate it for any damage or problem. Then the box is swept clean to ensure your delivery is managed successfully. We will bring the overseas container to your home and shipping it plainly in-office. Then your box will be sealed and remain locked until it is delivered to your recent domicile, unless a observable evaluation is needed by a support agents.

Air Shipments

When you demand items to be relocated fast, Corrigan Moving will operate an air shipment. While much quicker than ocean deliveries, air shipments are much more high-cost as well. So, most individuals will unite a sea load and an air shipment. On the air load they will just transport the most critical products and allow their stuff and other belongings to get on the sea direction. Since space is a premium on air shipments, our teams work actively to densely box as much as possible into the industry standard air shipment containers (E, D, and LDN).

International Moving Services

Customs Clearance Support 

When relocating internationally, it’s prejudicial that your customs documents and documentation are correct and complete. Any mistake will seem in your delivery being determined for visible evaluation at the customs clearing assistance, demonstrating in long delays and possible fissure. Corrigan Moving will guarantee your documentation is accurate and correct. Because of our complete background, we are familiar with the customs guidelines for the state you are moving to and will ensure that everything is ok.

Full Packing & Storage

Covering for a worldwide shipment is more accurate than for a domestic move. Corrigan Moving is dedicated to following global covering standards. Our crews servicing global moves are notably instructed to know the right methods of preserving your stuff. A key element to global packing is to wrap everything very shortly. This means we suit as much as possible inside as little of a space as available. Executing this guarantee the lowest cost for shipping and the most stability and solidarity for your delivery.

Protection for your Belongings

When transferring your belongings anywhere in the globe, you want to ensure it is guaranteed with Global Move Protection. Global Move Protection will pay you if something were to develop while moving. When probably, we will repair any damaged item and when that’s an option, we will replace it with a new item. It’s significant for everyone’s peace of mind that your items will be provided for even if the unanticipated develops

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