November 14, 2022

Hosting Thanksgiving After Youve Just Moved

Moving during the holidays can be difficult to avoid. Particularly if you are used to who hosts friends and family for dinner, there’s no need to change your plans just because you have moved. With a bit of planning ahead, out of the box thinking and organization, your first Thanksgiving in your new home can be memorable. There’s no better way to show off your new house to your loved ones than by hosting a festive feast!

Depending on the timing of your move, you may have weeks to settle into your new home and set up for Thanksgiving. But often, your regular Thanksgiving plans will need changed to accommodate your move. Don’t get caught with unexpected turkey day troubles. Plan, adapt, and get ready to make some new memories in your new home!

Planning Ahead

By the time your local moving company or long-distance movers deliver into your new place, you need to have a plan ready for creating a perfect Thanksgiving for you and your guests. Before you start packing at your current home, you should write a list of your holiday must-haves. Whether it’s a festive set of china, your grandmother’s sweet potato recipe, or table decorations, make sure you plan out the eventall the way through, and make a list of everything you normally use.

Once you have an idea of what you’ll need to host, the time has come to pack. If you are using your local moving company or long-distance mover to pack for you, give a copy of your list to the movers. The movers can ensure those must-haves are packed together and properly labeled. Labeling your boxes with “Thanksgiving- recipes and decorations” or “Thanksgiving- cookware”, will make unpacking much easier when you arrive at your new home. Everything for your event will be together and ready to go. Alternatively, take pics of your family recipes, just in case you forgot where you packed your favorite cookbook!

If you have the luxury to fully unpack before your gets arrive in town, that is always the ideal case. Especially if you will have houseguests staying for several days, prioritizing unpacking important items and getting guest rooms set up should take priority.

If you are short on time and guests are arriving soon, then it is time to prioritize! Main areas of the home, such as living rooms, kitchen and bathrooms, should be set up first. Home offices, garages and outdoors spaces can always be arranged later. Your guests will be OK if your whole house is not ready for a house tour yet!


Keep it Simple

You no doubt have your Thanksgiving dinner preparation figured out! But, if you aren’t completely unpacked or settled into your new home, it might be time to start thinking about other ideas. Finding solutions to make you move-in process and meal preparations easier while still hosting a memorable meal is easier than it might seem.

The answer to all successful moves is communication. Relocating during the holidays is no exception! When you get to your new place, you probably already have laid out a plan with your local moving company or long-distance movers. Instruct the movers to place any boxes labeled “Thanksgiving” in a central area, which will make your unpacking and setup tasks much easier.

If you have to adapt your cooking plans to match your relocation situation, there are some simple and low-cost options for you.

Grocery Store Mean Boxes- Many grocery stores have complete Thanksgiving dinners in a box, which include a turkey and sides pre-cooked and ready. Meal boxes a great option because they’ll come with their own serving trays and are ready to eat.

Meal Kits and Delivery Services- There are so many boxed meal companies these days, and lots of them will curate a Thanksgiving box. These companies can send your main dish and sides directly to your house, complete with every ingredient and directions to cook each dish.

Slow Cooker- Did you know you can cook a whole ham in a crock pot? Leveraging your smaller appliances frees up your range, saving time and effort. This will leave you more time to focus on what’s really important, your loved ones!

Leftovers- You likely haven’t unpacked any of your food storage containers, so how will your guests|people|diners]257] be able to take home any leftovers? Disposable muffin tins! These muffin tins are cheap, and a great way to let each guest leave with the perfect amount of every main and side dish..


Borrow From Neighbors

Part of the excitement of moving to a new home is getting to know your new neighbors. Because the opportunity has already presented itself, asking your new neighbors if they’ll let you borrow items that you have not yet unpacked might be a good fix. Asking for an extra casserole dish, folding chairs or wine glasses can save you time unpacking. Get bonus points with your new neighbors by bringing some of your food or desert when you return the items you borrowed!

If your move is to Grand Rapids is a new town or area for your, make sure to chat and get to know your long-distance mover. The crew members aiding the driver with delivery will be local and familiar with your new town. They can certainly give you directions to local Grand Rapids thrift stores, grocery stores and many other places to pick up your holiday staples!


Call Corrigan

Because we’re a family owned and operated Grand Rapids local moving company and long-distance movers, Corrigan understands the importance of family. If you hire Corrigan as your local moving company, that probably means your family and friends are still close by, making the transition to your new home easier. That said, we also realize that long-distance movers may feel like the closest thing to family near you right now. Corrigan treats every customer like family and we’ll go above and beyond to enable a smooth, stress-free move. No matter your circumstances, you can rely on Corrigan Moving Systems to warm your holiday season with amazing service!