January 11, 2023

New Grand Rapids Home Buying & Moving Tips to Consider in 2023

Grand Rapids Moving Tips 


After ringing in the new year, it’s a great time for a reset and a restart. One of these resets might be a new home. Moving can be a great way to refresh  with something new, depending on the circumstances. If you are planning on moving into a new house in 2023, think about following these tips.


Looking for a House

Among the biggest considerations of moving is discovering the right home. When you consider all the varying factors, getting your forever home is often challenging. Some considerations may be the price range, square footage, room count, local school districts, and area amenities. Understanding prices in a community will help determine what a monthly mortgage payment will be.

When you decide where you want to live, do the research. If you have kids, analyzing area school districts is a top priority. Review areas that also have multipurpose amenities you’re interested in. Hiring an experienced real estate agent can get you valuable information for your house hunt. One example, recognizing local bars and fitness centers can affect the decision of a prospective homeowner. Whether you’re moving to the big city or off the beaten path, understanding the local financial landscape matters.


Establish a Budget

It is vital to establish a budget when looking at where you want to settle down. It’s also crucial to know how much mortgage you can afford to make sure you’re looking for houses within your price range. Understanding funding plays a major aspect when deciding on your ideal future home, relocating into a brand-new home with all your things is likely going to be expensive. When creating a budget, be certain to think about your mortgage payment, as well as the cost of moving. There are also several additional expenses every homeowner should be aware of when moving. These costs might include a transportation truck rental, moving boxes, dollies, packing material and more.

This is an ideal time to use any excess savings you have lying around. If you do not have enough savings to pay all the expenses, look into additional financing. Additional capital in the form of a moving loan may help if you qualify. A moving loan can provide funding while providing lower interest rates than your credit card. Budget spending can include moving services, turning on your new utilities, insurance, and any unexpected home repairs and upgrades. For peace of mind, make a manageable budget that is realistic and actionable. Once your moving budget is developed, you can move to the next step.


Pack Strategically

Packing is also crucial aspect of your moving process. This might seem unimportant but moving feels much less daunting once everything is planned. It is recommended to come up with a packing timeline and checklist while you are considering hiring a Grand Rapids moving company. You will need to choose which possessions you want to save and the ones you want to throw away or donate. Then organize the things you’re keeping as the best you can. Pro tip, start with the bigger items such as furniture and large appliances and work your way down to smaller items to keep your moving process going smoothly.

Corrigan Moving Moving Truck

When getting rid of anything you don’t want to move, a large dumpster rental may help. If you are considering DIY packing, it’s considered best practice to combine like items or rooms together and understand box size in relation to weight. You should use smaller book boxes for heavy belongings such as books, while bigger boxes are reserved for belongings like bedding. Don’t forget to protect your belongings, by using packing paper or bubble wrap to securely wrap and pad items. Taking things a step further, label each box based on their designated room. Organizing these moving boxes will help streamline the process on moving day.


Make the Move

Moving can be exhausting and exciting all at once. To guarantee a stress-free moving day, pick a date and create an itinerary to follow. Consider investing in a moving company for long distance moves.

If you are getting ready for a winter move, it’s important to implement time management skills. Balancing winter weather home prep with personal safety should be a top priority. Managing your time and making sure your children and pets are safe while you move is also critical. If you’re going to do your own packing, having extra moving supplies around can help speed along the moving process. You can help your movers by pre-arranging your prepacked, labeled boxes by room and ordered by importance but bear in mind they are there to do the heavy lifting!  If it’s cold outside, don’t be afraid to offer your movers a nice warm drink!

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The new year can bring new and exciting resolutions. One resolution may be moving into a new house. If you’re not sure where to begin, follow these ideas to complete the move you want in 2023. For more moving insight, contact your friends at Corrigan Moving!