September 21, 2022

The pitFALLs of an Autumn Move

The temperature nearby Grand Rapids has dropped, children are back in the classroom, and you are moving! Autumn is a wonderful time to schedule a move, but each season carries its own challenges. Regardless if you are thinking about searching for local movers or aiming for a larger change of scenery and want cross country movers, ensure your fall relocation will be full of just treats and no tricks! By taking a little additional time planning and getting ready, your next move will be as perfect as the caramel on your apples.

We’ve collected the top 5 struggles for moving during Autumn and created tried and true strategies to conquer each one. Pour yourself a warm drink, take your coziest blanket and let’s be sure your upcoming Grand Rapids-area move is one to remember for the right reasons!

  1. Leaves

    1. Falling leaves adds an element of wholesome Fall wonder to the season. Still, leaves fallen on sidewalks can pose a danger to our movers and your household items. Newly fallen or wet leaves can make for a slippery surface, causing difficulties for movers carrying your items to avoid. Ahead of the local or cross country movers coming to your property, be sure all porches and outdoor walkways are free of debris. Our movers and your belongings will be much obliged.

  2. Rain

    1. Autumn also carries its fair share of wet weather. If it’s rainy on your moving day, have no fear! Corrigan will preserve your home with carpet cling and rug runners to be certain your house stays clean. Furthermore, your furnishings are wrapped and protected from the weather while being loaded to the moving truck. If it’s raining heavily, the team can even stack boxes and furniture near the doorway, so the movers can load the truck in dry (or at least, dryer) periods. And remember, Corrigan will never cancel or reschedule moves due to rain.

  3. Hurricanes

    1. If you are getting ready to move cross country, hurricane season is important to bear in mind. Even if you’re not moving to a coastal state, hurricanes and significant weather circumstances can influence the complete transportation industry. Shipments will be late or change routes during significant storms, influencing every other shipment on the agenda for that truck and the cross country movers. Having patience through these large storms is crucial, as we work to discover the quickest and safest resolutions for everyone involved. If a prolonged delay is needed from storm damage close to your new home, Corrigan will work with you to come up with storage solutions to satisfy your needs.

  4. Cold Weather

    1. On your move day, the team will prepare your home to accommodate their easiest and quickest methods for getting the truck loaded. This means at least one door to your house will be open for most of the day. With cooler temps upon us, that means your home will get frosty! Be prepared to have a some warm clothes and a jacket from your packed boxes to remain warm. Moreover, setting up a small place for yourself inside a room to warm up is an excellent method to stay comfy during the day. Grab a blanket and a hot cup of coffee or cider, and you will be comfy and cozy throughout the day!

  5. Seasonal Clothes

    1. Autumn weather is often unpredictable. That can make it tough to pack when you’re frequently swapping between shorts and sweaters. Make sure to leave some items of clothing from each season unpacked, so you can remain comfy despite the temperature of the day! Setting out varied clothing packed in a small suitcase will keep you properly dressed for the day, whatever Mother Nature has in store for your cross country or local move!

Whether you need local movers or cross country movers to take you to a new area away from Grand Rapids, Corrigan Moving Systems is ready to assist you! Throughout all seasons of the year, our experienced pros have learned all the ins-and-outs. Since 1929, Corrigan has been committed to successfully relocating families and individuals in and around the Grand Rapids-area. Connect with us today for your free, in-home or online move consultation!